How to Avoid Costly Auto Repair

Auto repair and service should never be put on the back burner if you want to avoid costly damage and prolong the life of your vehicle.

Yet, surprisingly enough, many people are not clear on what it takes to take good care of their car or truck.

Goodyear Auto Repair in Dunwoody, Doraville, Doraville, Peachtree Corners, GA.Doraville, Doraville, Peachtree Corners, GA.

We checked with the experts at ASE (Automotive Service Excellence) to find out what the most common question is regarding auto maintenance. They said:

The most common question we hear from consumers is, “What do I need to do to take care of my car and avoid big repair bills?”

The answer is, fortunately, pretty simple: Establish and follow a routine vehicle maintenance plan, essential for protecting your automotive investment and maximizing the reliability and safety of your vehicle.

We highly recommend you start with the vehicle owner’s manual, where you’ll find the automaker’s recommendations and maintenance schedules based on your driving patterns and habits.

The next step is to find an auto repair and service shop in your area, and establish a relationship with them. An honest shop will help you prevent potential damage with proper inspection and service.

Finally, pay attention to your car or truck as your vehicle may be trying to tell you something. Dashboard lights, such as the Check Engine Light, are warning signals and should never be ignored.

To help you communicate with your mechanic, has some helpful articles. And to help you with your routine maintenance and auto repair in the Dunwoody, GA area, Tilly Mill Goodyear Auto Center hires ASE certified mechanics. And we offer free diagnostics in many cases.

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