For a quick response Driveline Repairon the road.

Drivelines are responsible for the speed of your vehicle, so it’s important to keep them in good working order.

Worn and/or un-lubricated universal joints are common driveline conditions that need attention.

Service Details

Driveline services from the experts at Tilly Mill Goodyear Auto Center, serving the Dunwoody and Doraville areas of Atlanta GA, (Scroll down for more service areas.)  are performed by our ASE certified mechanics and include:

  • Measuring and refilling the transmission fluid
  • Inspecting the constant velocity (CV) and universal joints for loss of lubricant or excessive movement
  • Checking for noises or vibration during acceleration
  • Drive shaft repairs as needed

Why is my driveline important for my vehicle?

Driveline components are responsible for transmitting power from your engine and delivering the torque to your vehicle’s wheels, to give you the most responsive handling and speed possible. Driveline mechanisms generally consist of the drive shaft and universal joints.

How do I know when to get my driveline checked?

  • If you notice a vibration or rumbling noise when you’re driving down the highway, you may be experiencing a driveline vibration
  • Squeaking, grinding, clunking, or loud metal-on-metal chirping sounds can mean worn and/or unlubricated universal joints
  • Be sure to check your owner’s manual for specific recommendations for proper care, lubrication intervals, and lubricants to be used